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Advocates for Humane Treatment of All Farmed Animals

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    Compassionate Carnivores' mission: To reduce the suffering of animals raised for our food & to raise the consciousness of the plight of these animals.

    This national movement is based on the premise that people who eat meat care that the animals on their plate are raised, transported & slaughtered humanely. If given the opportunity to take action to make that happen, the majority of meat eaters would do so.

    The Compassionate Carnivores' website will provide information on the raising, transport & slaughter of each animal. We will be including articles, facts, videos which demonstrate the positive actions as well as the sad truths.

    Compassionate Carnivores strives to educate consumers about the inhumane practices of Factory Farms & supports the Family Farm method of raising animals for food.

    There are now VIPs in 42 States & 14 countries. With your help, we're adding more every day. We'd love to engage your group, whether it's social, business, church, school or other organization, to help us pass the message.

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    Make it Possible - how to end factory farming!

    Be a voice for animals at

    Please... Think about it!

    "My Journey"

    Many years ago, as I stood in a local butcher shop considering what meat I was going to purchase for an upcoming dinner, I was examining the displayed meats when the butcher walked out holding the carcass of a small animal. I was frozen in place as I experienced an "aha!" moment, suddenly bringing to my consciousness exactly where my meat came from. It's now hard for me to believe that I had never given this a thought before that moment. That "aha!" experience was the start of my journey.

    I realized that, for me, I wouldn't be able to give up meat completely overnight, so I decided to set myself up for success. Each January, as part of my New Year's resolutions, I committed to eliminate one of these animals from my diet. First, I gave up veal, then other "red" meats, then, on the 3rd year I eliminated chicken, turkey and fish. My guideline became the "face rule" and has caused me to not eat any animal that has a face since, over 25 years now.

    My Journey then took me down the path of eliminating animal products from my diet. At first, I eliminated milk, next cottage cheese and yogurt, two products from my daily diet. Lastly, I eliminated cheese and I'm now in my 11th year of a plant-based diet. Its a wonderful feeling!.

    Any step toward giving up meat, even one day each week, improves animal welfare. Whether you are able to completely eliminate animal based foods over night, or eliminate meat from your diet one day each week, your choice is a first step onto the compassionate eating path.

    If you love animals, care about our environment, or are concerned for your health, eliminating meat will have an impact on animal welfare, our world and your health!

    Please contact me if you have questions or need assistance to get started. Or, sign up for a VIP number today under the VIP Program link.