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    • Updated: 01/27/2018
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    Consumers who choose to eat meat ...
    are increasingly interested in farm animal welfare & care for a variety of reasons. The manner in which an animal is raised not only is indicative of food safety & health but impacts the taste of the food as well. Consumers appear to be willing to pay for food perceived to be of higher quality. With outbreaks of diseases such as foot & mouth disease, “mad cow” disease, salmonella, food poisoning or e. coli, consumers become more interested in the manner that the animals are raised.

    What you can do:

    Select products raised in humane conditions as opposed to those raised in confinement agriculture. Buy only free range, organic or certified humane products.

    The "Certified Humane Raised & Handled" label creates a win-win-win situation for retailers, restaurants, producers, & consumers. For farmers, the win means they can stand out in the market place, increase market share & profitability by choosing to utilize sustainable farming practices.

    These web sites can help you to find sustainable meat, dairy & eggs in your area, visit:

    Shop at Trader Joes...
    where you can find grass fed beef & lamb. You'll find choices where the animals were pasture raised without antibiotics. Remember to buy their cage-free eggs while you're there. Their own brand is now only raised "cage free."

    Shop at Whole Foods Market
    Whole Foods Market goes beyond what the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires for labeling meat or poultry as "natural" by strictly monitoring how the animals are raised & what the animals are fed. Their standards ensure that the meat & poultry sold are:
    • Raised without added hormones or antibiotics.
    • Never fed animal by-products.
    • Raised by farmers & ranchers who care about the animals & the environment in which they live.
    • Closely monitored by Whole Foods Market from the farm to the store to ensure compliance with strict animal welfare & food safety quality standards.

    Insert your Zip Code for a list of retailers near you!

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